Smooth Vibration
Uniform Feeding
Reliable Operation
Long Service Life
Easy Operation and Maintenance
Easy Adjustment of Grid Bars
Product Introduction
The vibrating feeder, also known as a pan feeder, is located in the front section of the primary crushing equipment. It is used to feed block and granular materials from the storage bin into the target production device evenly, regularly and continuously. The feeder also has a coarse screening function, removing soil and impurities from the materials and controlling feeding amount to match the processing capacity of subsequent crushing and screening production line. It is a necessary equipment for the complete production line with characteristics of sturdy structure, impact resistance and durability etc. It is used in crushing and screening combined equipment of metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, construction materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries.
Product Performance
Smooth vibration and reliable operation
Adjustable clearance between grid bars
Continuous and uniform feeding
Easy installation and maintenance
Special designed grid bar and good material fluidity prevent material clogging
It has coarse screening material capacity to achieve primary screening effect and increase output.
Frequency can be adjusted by optional frequency conversion motor to change the output; it is easy to control the feeding quantity without starting the motor frequently.
Operation Principle
The vibrating feeder consists of feeding trough, exciter, spring support and transmission device, etc. The vibration source of feeding trough is exciter, which is composed of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gear pairs. The motor drives the active shaft through a triangular belt, and then gear on the active shaft meshes with the passive shaft. The active shafts and passive shafts rotate in opposite directions simultaneously, causing the trough to vibrate and continuously convey materials.
Technical Parameter
Multiple types are available, ensuring that there is always a suitable one for you.
Model Max. feeding particle size (mm) Capacity (t/h) No. of Motor Motor power (kW) Installation angle (%) Trough size (mm) Weight (t) Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)
GZD180×80 300 30~80 4 2×1.5 0~10 1800×800 0.8 1907×964×890
GZD300×90 400 40~100 4 2×2.2 0~10 3000×900 3.6 3400×1020×900
ZSW380×96 500 120~210 6 11 0~10 3800×960 4.2 3880×1724×1180
ZSW420×110 650 180~400 6 15 0~10 4200×1100 4.8 4200×1804×1180
ZSW490×110 650 250~380 6 15 0~10 4900×1100 5.3 4976×1864×1180
ZSW590×110 650 280~400 6 22 0~10 5900×1100 6.13 5957×1648×1365
ZSW490×130 800 300~550 6 22 0~10 4900×1300 6.7 4976×2064×1180
ZSW600×130 800 340~600 6 30 0~10 6000×1300 7.8 6100×2004×1250
ZSW-600×160 1050 400~800 4 37 0~10 6000×1600 10.8 6400×3085×2395
Product Show
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been meticulously considered and thoroughly tested.
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