Sand Washing and Fine Sand Recycling Integrated Machine
High sand washing efficiency
Long service life
Security and stability
Low power consumption
High level of automation
Large processing capacity
Product Introduction
Sand washing and sand recycling integrated machine combines functions of sand cleaning and fine sand recycling, which can extract the fine sand from mud water discarded after sand washing, so as to get 0-5mm sand with reasonable gradation of coarse sand and fine sand. Sand washing wheel has a simple structure and is very convenient to operate and maintain. The equipment is divided into two parts, wheel sand washer and fine sand recycling device, which can be customized with double rows of wheel or three rows of wheel according to customer requirement. Fine sand recycling device depends on amount of water to be treated and concentration of sand water mixture, so as to reasonably configure model and quantity of separators, slurry pumps, and dewatering screens.
Applicable materials
Mechanic sand
River pebbles
Natural sand
River sand
Quartz sand
Product Performance
Fine mixed gradation of coarse sand and fine sand.
High work efficiency and high output of finished sand.
The whole machine is integrated, long service life.
Low energy consumption, small footprint and green environmental protection.
Convenient repair, low maintenance costs.
Cleaner finished product than that is processed in traditional sand washer.
Different models of products can be customized.
Operation Principle
When bucket sand washer works, motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly through triangle belt, reducer and gear wheel after deceleration. Sand and gravel enters into washing tank from feeding trough, then roll and grind each other driven by the impeller, so that impurities covered on sand and gravel surface is removed. Meanwhile the water vapor layer covering sand particle is destroyed to facilitate dehydration. At the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, which can promptly remove impurities and small specific gravity foreign objects, and discharge it from outlet of washing tank to complete cleaning function. The clean sand and gravel are taken away by the blades, and finally poured into the discharge trough from the rotating impeller to complete the cleaning of sand. The sand processed in sand washer is clean and even in particle size. It is easy to operate and maintain and has a good safety performance.
Technical Parameter
Model Impeller diameter (mm) Impeller width (mm) Screen plate specification(mm) Specification of separator (mm) Water consumption (m³/h) Capacity (t/h) Total power (kW) Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)
XS2600-35-1224 2600 1200 1200×2400 350 ≤80 40-60 ≈28 5600×5200×2700
xS3016-50-1530 3000 1600 1500×3000 250×2 ≤120 60-95 ≈44 6700×5500×2760
2xS3016-70-1530 3000 1600 1500×3000 350×2 ≤120 60-95 ≈51 6700×5500×2760
xS3024-70-2040(D) 3000 2400 2000×4000 350×2 ≤200 80-120 ≈70 8590×5560×3670
2xS3024-120-2442(D) 3000 2400 2400×4200 300×4 ≤250 120-160 ≈81 8590×5560×3670
xS3624-120-2442(D) 3600 2400 2400×4200 300×4 ≤250 150-220 ≈81 9290×6460×4170
2xS3624-120-2442(D) 3600 2400 2400×4200 300×4 ≤280 150-220 ≈99.5 1290×6460×4170
Product Show
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been deliberately considered and tested.
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