Equipment Introduction
TLS sand maker is a new type of vertical shaft impact crusher independently developed by Henan Talus Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. originated from ingenuity of Belgium famous industrial designer Talus. It is a new type of sand making and reshaping equipment with stronger processing capacity, higher sand shaping rate and lower maintenance cost, which is developed by adopting new design concepts and new materials and techniques in the world.
Material handling capacity
490 tons/h
Rate of one-time sand shaping
Motor power
Reinforced spindle structure design with stronger load-bearing capacity
The optimized design of central axis module adopts a specially designed dust-proof and sealing structure, and equipped with imported bearings from the United States, which has stronger load-bearing capacity, and solves the risk of traditional sand making machine being prone to spindle breakage or shaft breakage during over load operation, and ensures a higher stability and safety.
Intelligent control of diluted oil lubrication system
Adopting diluted oil lubrication and equipped with air-cooling system, controlled by PLC and intelligent meter, it can realize fully automatic lubrication control, the lubrication temperature can be adjusted and controlled. If there is a high oil temperature or oil shortage, the system will be automatically shut down, which can provide more reliable protection for operation of bearings.
1.5m Wide rotor diameter and six
channel throwing ports design
The diameter of the machine rotor is up to 1.5 meters, and inside of the rotor has a more spacious passing space, which can accommodate more materials to enter. Adopting six channel throwing ports, under the action of centrifugal force of the rotor's high-speed rotation, more materials can be instantly thrown into the circular liner plate or material layer in the crushing cavity, which realizes a greater throughput, higher production efficiency, and better quality of cubic products.
Double discharge ports design enables non clogging production
Double discharging ports design improves throughput of materials, smoother discharging, and greatly reduces the risk of material clogging. For materials with excessive humidity, air cannon system can be installed for the sand maker if necessary to minimize the bonding of materials in the discharging area.
Adopting super wear-resistant materials and inlay technology
In the internal crushing cavity of the machine, the ring liner made of super wear-resistant material is arranged in a well-organized manner, and the ring liner adopts a screwless structure, which is more convenient for replacement. Internal surface of the rotor is arranged with protection blocks, and the alloy blades made of special wear-resistant material is inlaid at the throwing port of the rotor, which has a longer service life compared with the traditional common blades. The use of super wear-resistant materials and inlay technology deeply protects the rotor and crushing cavity, and improves the service life of the whole machine.
One crushing cavity can be equipped with two different modular rotors
According to the customer's demand for aggregate production, different types of rotors can be adapted to meet customer's requirements. We can provide modular rotor including six-channel rotors, double-chamber rotors, so as to produce different aggregates.
Vibration buffering protection system
A high-strength rubber shock absorber mounted between the base and the machine body absorbs vibrations generated during operation and eliminates their effect on the support structure. In the event of significant vibration outside the permissible range, an electronic vibration monitor records it and shuts down the machine.
Intelligent dual-power quick start and speed synchronize system
The starting mode adopted by the dual-power sand maker is to use a small-power motor to start quickly first, and when the speed of the small-power motor stabilizes to reach a predetermined speed, then start the high-power motor to adopt the same speed to work at the same time. This effectively solves the problem of voltage instability caused by high basic current and high energy consumption when high-power motor starts up.
Quick hydraulic lifting rotatable 360 ° maintenance platform
There is a quick hydraulic lifting and rotating 360° maintenance platform on one side of the machine body, which can quickly lift the cover, feed hopper, rotor, main axis, ring liner plate, motor and any other parts of the machine during the installation, overhaul and maintenance of the machine, which is more powerful and humanized than the lifting and hoisting device designed for the traditional sand making machine.
Flexible single/dual power drive options
Customers can choose a more suitable power configuration according to the actual needs of the single power drive version, or dual power drive version.
Product show
Every detail has been deliberately considered, from the exterior design to the internal structure.
Technical Parameter
Multiple types available, there is always suitable one for you.
Model Rotor diameter×height
Circumferential Speed
Drive power
Throughput rate
Max Feeding size
(Dual drive)
1500×220 70~80 315+315 100~490 ≤50
(single drive)
1500×220 70~80 450 100~490 ≤50
(single drive)
1000×220 70~80 400 100~300 ≤50
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