High Crushing Ratio
High Production Efficiency
Safe and Stable
High Comprehensive Benefits
Easy Operation and Maintenance
Good Granularity of Finished Product
Product Introduction
The PCZ Series Heavy Hammer Crusher has characteristics of special structure, simple operation, energy saving, good granularity of finished product, adjustable discharging particle size, and costs saving, etc. The appearance and structure of the heavy hammer crusher and the impact crusher are basically the same, the only difference is the form of the rotor. The rotor of the heavy hammer crusher uses independent hammer heads that can rotate around the hammer shaft, while the rotor of the impact crusher uses high-chromium plate hammers. The heavy hammer crusher has large weight per hammer head, reasonable rotor speed, and large hammer head inertia, which can achieve the crushing effect of large feeding particle size and small discharging particle size. It can directly crush materials with a particle size of 600-1200mm to below 25mm.
Performance advantages
Large crushing ratio, Uniform particle shape
Low powder output!
① Large feeding particle size (up to 1200mm), high crushing ratio, high output (single machine output up to 2500 tons).
② Uniform finished product shape. Less flake, low powder output, meeting excellent sand and gravel standards.
The practical parts of the machine are made of high-quality materials
Which have a longer service life!
① The hammer head is made of high-chromium alloy, which more than doubles the service life of ordinary high-manganese alloy hammer heads.
② The impact plate is made of high-manganese castings and is quenched and strengthened, further improving its practicality and impact resistance.
Dual-use for dry and wet materials
Green and environmentally friendly!
① It can crush both dry and wet materials.
② Water spray can be added during crushing to reduce dust pollution, protect the health of workers and the environment, and promote green and environmental protection.
Reasonable structural design
Better equipment!
① The grate-less design, change the previous phenomenon of grate bars controlling the discharging, and directly control the discharge blockage in the crushing chamber with the adjusting plate.
② Volute design with reinforced ribbed back can withstand strong impact forces internally and externally, making the machine sturdy and resistant to impact without deformation.
Short maintenance time, Low maintenance cost
Easy disassembly!
① Before the assembly of the rotor, static and dynamic balance tests are conducted. The main shaft is processed with excellent forgings and adopts the expansion sleeve tightening connection method to make the equipment operate more reliably.
② The overload protection and tramp iron detection devices have been optimized. When the impact crusher exceeds its own load, this device can adjust the clearance between the impact plate and the discharging opening in time to prevent the equipment from stopping due to overload.
Working Principle
The finished product can be adjusted according to requirements, with various specifications such as coarse, medium, and fine, no flakes, no smooth bodies, and multi-angles and edges to ensure compressive strength. Especially suitable for dry highways, construction and large-scale engineering materials. This crusher eliminates the primary crushing process of the jaw crusher and becomes a new model that can crush large and small materials in one go. It has a large output, high efficiency, low power, saves manpower and material resources, and reduces the cost of crushing materials. The stone crushed by this machine not only has complete specifications, but is also uniform and clear. It is a substitute for the old-fashioned jaw crusher and plate hammer crusher.
Performance Parameters
The following product configurations are not necessarily factory standard configurations. Please consult us in detail when purchasing.
Model Rotor diameter × length (mm) Feeding opening size (mm) Feeding size (mm) Production capacity (t/h) Motor power (kw) Overall dimension (L×W×H)(mm)
XGN-Z1310 1310×1050 890×1075 ≤650 150-180 160 2950×2250×2495
XGN-Z1512 1500×1160 1200×900 ≤750 250-320 160×2 3260×2624×2750
XGN-Z1513 1500×1350 1290×900 ≤750 300-350 180×2 3260×2624×2750
XGN-Z1615 1650×1452 1500×1200 ≤1000 420-500 220×2 3667×2937×3436
XGN-Z1818 1850×1800 1500×1280 ≤1200 570-670 250×2 3680×3350×3515
XGN-Z1620 1660×1900 2000×1200 ≤1200 800-1000 400×2 3667×3200×3436
XGN-Z1820 1800×1964 2000×1200 ≤1200 1000-1200 450×2 3700×3270×3515
XGN-Z2020 1920×2000 2010×1200 ≤1500 1200-1600 450×2 4160×3920×3520
XGN-Z2122 2130×2260 2240×1550 ≤1500 1800-2200 1000 4990×4385×4360
XGN-Z2225 2200×2485 2530×1560 ≤1600 2000-3000 1250 4460×4565×4670
XGN-Z3332 3300×3220 3300×1840 ≤1800 4500-6000 (1250kw-6)×2 6710×6122×6340
Product Show
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been meticulously considered and thoroughly tested.
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