Large Crushing Ratio
High Productivity
Security and Stability
High Comprehensive Benefit
Easy to Operate and Maintain
Good Granularity of Finished Product
Product Introduction
PF series impact crusher is a new type of crushing equipment developed and designed by Talus Equipment Manufacturing by summarizing feedback from customer’s actual use and years of production experience. It adopts new manufacturing process and special structural design, and the finished product is cubic with good granularity, without tension and cracks, capable of crushing all kinds of coarse, medium, and fine materials (granite, limestone and concrete etc.) whose feeding particle size not exceeding 300-700mm and whose compressive strength not more than 350MPa, and the discharge size can be adjusted to diversify the crushing specification.
Product Performance
Large Crushing Ratio and Uniform Granularity
High Productivity!
① Generous feeding opening, deep crushing cavity and a heavy-duty rotor is adopted and finite element force analysis is carried out, the rotational inertia is larger, so that the equipment has a larger crushing ratio and the crushing capacity is improved.
② Clearance between impact plate and hammer bar can be adjusted flexibly. By designing grinding cavity, the discharge particle size can be controlled, and the granularity is good, and content of stone powder is low.
Simple Body Structure - Stable and Reliable
Shorten payback period!
① Strong product universality. Double cavity crusher can be changed into triple cavity crusher by adding a grinding rack without replacing other parts, which reduces user’s secondary investment.
② Standardized design of liner has strong interchangeability, reducing variety and inventory of spare parts, thus reducing customer investment.
Longer Service Life - Reduce Production Costs
Hydraulic lid opening and easy replacement.
① The utility parts are made of high chromium material and composite casting utility materials. It has good impact resistance and utility performance after rigid thermal treatment, thus prolonging the service life of equipment and utility parts.
② Impact crusher is equipped with the same two hydraulic flap devices on both sides of the rack. It is easy for users to open rack and replace the parts. The hammer bar locking device makes replacement of hammer bar more simple, convenient and quick.
Outstanding Machining and Assembly Technology
Overload and tramp iron protection devices make equipment operate more smoothly.
① Before assemble of rotor, static and dynamic balance test should be conducted. The main axis adopts excellent forging parts for machining, and adopts expansion sleeve tightening connection method, which makes the equipment run more reliably.
② Optimized overload and tramp iron protection devices. When impact crusher exceeds its safe load, clearance between impact plate and discharge opening will be regulated in time to prevent equipment shutdown caused by overload.
Operation Principle
Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine which utilizes impact energy to break materials. When the machine works, driven by the electric motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, the material enters action area of hammer bar, crushes with the hammer bar on the rotor, and then it is thrown to impact device to be crushed again, and then bounces back to the hammer bar reaction area to be crushed again from the impact liner. This process repeats itself, and the material enters primary, secondary and tertiary impact cavities from large to small for repeated crushing, until the material is crushed to the required granularity and then discharges from discharge opening. Clearance between the impact rack and the rotor can be adjusted to change material discharge granularity and shape of the material.
Technical Parameter
Multiple types available, there is always suitable one for you.
Model Rotor diameter (mm) Feeding opening size (mm) Max. Feeding side length (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kW) Overall Dimension(L×W×H) (mm)
PF-1820 Φ1800×2000 1620×2040 800 550-800 630-710 4471×3250×4008
PF-1620 Φ1612×2000 1315×2040 700 400-600 500 4236×3572×3735
PF-1520 Φ1512×2000 1315×2040 700 350-450 400-450 4138×3422×3649
PF-1320 Φ1320×2000 900×2030 500 160-350 260-300 3320×3218×2613
PF-1318 Φ1320×1500 880×2000 350 150-260 220-260 3100×3210×2613
PF-1315 Φ1320×1500 860×1520 350 120-250 180-220 3100×2800×3160
PF-1214 Φ1250×1400 400×1430 300 90-180 132-160 2850×2400×2900
PF-1210 Φ1250×1050 400×1080 300 70-130 110-132 2800×2150×2900
PF-1010 Φ1035×1050 400×1080 300 50-90 55-75 2650×2150×2900
PF-1007 Φ1000×700 400×730 250 15-60 37-55 2440×1580×2672
Product Structure
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been deliberately considered and tested.
Tension Rod Front Impact Rack Rear Impact Rack Hammer Bar Impact Liner Rotor Rack Main Axis Locking Blocks Compression Plate
Product Show
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been deliberately considered and tested.
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