Large crushing ratio
High production efficiency
Security and stability
High Comprehensive Benefit
Easy to operate and maintain
Good granularity of final product
Equipment Introduction
Euro-style modular jaw crusher (Euro Jaw Breaker), developed and produced by Talus Equipment Manufacturing, adopts advanced technology and has undoubtedly become a popular jaw crusher in the world. CJ series jaw crusher represents leading crushing technology and manufacturing level when coarse crushing of hard and highly abrasive materials. CJ series jaw crushers adopt innovative modular, non-welded frame structures, thereby improving the equipment's anti-fatigue ability, reliability, and simplifying various installation methods. Compared with traditional jaw crushers, manufacturing process adopts high-strength materials, and has the advantages of high structural strength, high equipment reliability, larger crushing ratio, higher capability and lower overall cost.
Product Performance
Sturdy Structure
There are two types of machine frame: welded mode and assembled mode. The former is for small and medium size, and the latter is for large size.
Durable Heavy-duty Movable Jaw Assembly
Heavy-duty movable jaw assembly adopts forged heavy eccentric shafts, high-quality heavy-duty rolling bearings, and movable jaw plate optimized by finite element analysis software, which ensures high impact resistance and stability of movable jaw assembly. Labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system ensures that the bearing grease is not contaminated, and lubrication is more convenient, which makes its running time longer and higher stability.
Integrated Bearing Pedestal
Integral cast steel bearing pedestal structure ensures compatibility with frame, avoiding unnecessary radial loads on bearing during fastening of the combined bearing pedestal, and making the bearings runs more smoothly.
Integrated Motor Installation
Integrated motor bracket and crusher frame installation not only saves installation space of jaw crusher and reduces length of triangular belt, but also achieves the adjustment of the triangle belt tension due to synchronous movement of motor, motor bracket and motor pedestal, which results in a longer service life of the triangle belt.
Optimized Cavity Design
Symmetrical "V" shaped cavity design, with steep bracket angle and large stroke of toggle plate, and reasonable rotational speed , makes a larger feeding size, higher output, more uniform granularity, and less wear of the jaw plate.
Design of Movable Jaw Plate
A heavy duty protective plate is installed on movable jaw to avoid material impact and effectively protects the movable jaw body and its internal bearing from damage.
Convenient and Quick Granularity Adjustment
JC jaw crusher adopts mechanical or hydraulic discharge opening adjusting device, and its double block adjusting mode is simpler, safer and faster than the corresponding gasket adjusting operation, which saves downtime.
Vibration Damping Installation Design
The crusher is fixed with a special rubber vibration damping device, which effectively absorbs the vibration peaks of the equipment and at the same times allows crusher to displace in vertical and horizontal directions, thus reducing the impact on the foundation.
Operation Principle
Electric motor drives belt and pulley, and then drives eccentric shaft to swing movable jaw up and down. When movable jaw raises, angle between toggle plate and movable jaw increases, then pushes movable jaw plate closer to fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the material is crushed or chopped. When moving jaw descends, angle between toggle plate and moving jaw decreases, moving jaw plate leaves fixed jaw plate away under the action of spring and tension rod. Meanwhile chopped material is discharged from hopper outlet of crushing cavity.
Technical Parameter
Remark: The output may vary with different feeding material nature or grain size.
Model Max. feeding size(mm) Feeding opening size(mm) Range of discharging opening(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor power (kW) Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm)
CJ96 480 930×580 60~175 105~390 4P 90 2850×2270×1950
CJ106 560 1060×700 70~200 150~500 4P 110 3280×2580×2400
CJ120 700 1200×870 70~200 175~610 4P 160 3700×2790×2950
CJ125 760 1250×950 100~250 270~831 4P 160 4230×2780×2960
CJ150 960 1400×1200 125~250 340~880 4P 200 5030×3440×3970
CJ160 960 1600×1200 150~300 430~1145 4P 250 5780×3460×3580
CJ200 1200 2000×1500 175~300 630~1435 6P 400 6600×4030×4400
CJ1511 850 1500×1070 125~300 425~1195 6P 200 4130×3000×3330
CJ1513 1040 1500×1300 150~300 530~1280 6P 200 4620×2890×4190
Product Structure
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been deliberately considered and tested.
Movable Jaw Plate Movable Jaw Motor Upper Lining Plate Fixed Jaw Plate Adjustment Device Movable Jaw Plate Toggle Plate Lower Lining Plate Gasket of Toggle Plate Frame Tension Rod of Movable Jaw
Product Show
From exterior design to internal structure, every detail has been deliberately considered and tested.
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