High sand making efficiency
Long service life
Safety and stability
Low energy consumption
High level of automation
Good granularity of finished products
Equipment Introduction
CLV vertical shaft impact sand maker adopts a series of new technical achievements such as four-port impeller structure, patented bearing cylinder design, high efficiency and low cost crushing cavity and large throughput frame, etc. At the same time, the overall function of the equipment is optimized and designed, so that the crushing efficiency, operating cost and operation and maintenance performance of the equipment have reached the advanced level at domestic and abroad.
Product core technology
Many of our core technical backbones have worked in the crushing and screening division of the international famous crusher manufacturer for 5 years, mainly engaged in manufacturing, quality management and after-sales service. They were mainly engaged in manufacturing, quality management and after-sales service management, and mastered the complete technical system and quality management of crusher parts manufacturing, production assembly, installation and commissioning, and after-sales troubleshooting.
High efficiency four-port deep-cavity impeller
In order to improve the efficiency of sand making, CLV series vertical shaft impact sand maker adopts the new design of four-port deep-cavity impeller, which optimizes the material projecting angle and speed, and improves the crushing efficiency with large material throughput, and increases the crushing efficiency by over 20% compared with that of three-port impeller with the same material.
Design of the national patent bearing cylinder
The bearing cylinder of CLV series vertical shaft impact sand maker is new in structure design, adopts special dust-proof and sealing structure, obtains a number of national patents, supporting imported bearings, further ensuring the reliability of rotation.
Large throughput of the main body
The main body of vertical shaft impact sand maker adopts the simple design of large throughput, which can effectively prevent the materials with excessive water content from clogging in the lower part of the body and improve the crushing efficiency of the whole machine.
Wearable parts are more wear-resistant , reducing the cost of use.
The impeller is the core component of the equipment, through the optimization of the structure and process of the impeller part, and the use of high-quality wear-resistant materials, the service life of the wearing parts is greatly improved, which greatly reduces the cost of the wearing parts of the equipment. When used in the processing of super-hard materials, it is recommended that users can choose "rock on rock" mode of operation, less wear parts, lower cost of use.
Configuration of lifting device reduces maintenance difficulty
CLV series vertical shaft impact sand maker is equipped with a simple lifting device. When the equipment is maintained, additional large lifting device is unnecessary for lifting of the impeller and bearing cylinder, which greatly decreases difficulty of equipment maintenance.
Fully automatic diluted oil lubrication with intelligent control
The lubrication of the equipment adopts optimized diluted oil lubrication and is equipped with air-cooling system, and the control system adopts PLC intelligent control, which can realize fully automatic lubrication control, oil shortage protection, and adjustable lubrication temperature, which can provide better working conditions for bearings to ensure that the equipment continues to work reliably for a long period of time, and the bearings work in a better environment compared with the traditional grease lubrication and do not need to be shut down to replenish the oil every shift.
Smoother dual-motor drive
CLV series vertical shaft impact sand maker has a high rotation speed and adopts dual-motor drive, which has a higher transmission efficiency, more uniform radial force on the spindle of the equipment and smoother operation of the equipment. At the same time, fixed structure of the motor bracket is optimized, which makes the motor fixed reliably, and installation and adjustment of the motor more convenient.
Products Structure
Every detail has been deliberately considered, from the exterior design to the internal structure.
Lifting device Sling tray Crushing cavity Pedal bracket Motor Motor bracket Pulley Bearing cylinder Bracket Frame Rotor Feeding hopper
Technical specification
Multiple types available, there is always suitable one for you.
Model Throughput (t/h) Max. feeding size Rotation speed Dual motor drive power Overall dimension
Central feeding with circular
cascade feeding
Fully central feeding Soft material(mm) Hard material(mm)
CLV7615 150~280 70~140 35 30 1710~1900 75×2 4100×2330×2300
CLV8522 240~380 120~200 40 35 1530~1700 110×2 4140×2500×2700
CLV9532 350~540 180~280 45 40 1380~1550 160×2 4560×2600×2900
CLV1145 500~640 250~640 50 45 1200~1390 220×2 5100×2790×3320
CLV1150 550~745 344~368 55 45 1000~1300 250×2 5500×2750×3950
CLV1263 650~850 454~486 60 50 900~1200 315×2 5700×2980×4190
Product show
Every detail has been deliberately considered, from the exterior design to the internal structure.
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