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Which kinds of sand making production lines have better processing efficiency?
Time: 2024-03-28

What’s the difference between the Talus sand maker and the CLV vertical impact sand making machine of Henan Talus? Talus sand maker can produce 220 tons of finished sand per hour. CLV vertical impact sand making machine includes CLV1145 and CLV1263 model, both of which produce high-quality sand below 5mm, replacing traditional sand making machines with more significant energy savings. The specially designed cavity structure of the sand making machine produces mechanism sand particles that can completely replace natural sand.

sand maker

CLV sand making machines have significant advantages such as high sand production rate, large feed opening, low operating cost, and minimal wear on vulnerable parts. It combines high stability and high production capacity and has multiple functions such as sand making, shaping, and mixing of sand and gravel. It truly achieves one machine with multiple uses.

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