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Which sand making machine to choose, a single-motor sand maker or a dual-motor sand maker?
Time: 2024-04-08

Our company specializes in single-motor sand makers and dual-motor sand makers. The dual-motor sand maker has stronger production capacity, powerful power, high output, and high energy consumption. The single-motor sand maker is efficient, energy-saving, and produces rounder finished sand particles. Our company newly launched the Talus sand maker in August 2023, which can be driven by dual-motor or single-motor. Please stay tuned to the official website of Henan Talus if you are interested.

Sand Maker

Both sand maker models have their advantages. Which sand making machine to choose depends on the site conditions and the scale of the project investment. Henan Talus specializes in the production of environmentally friendly sand making towers, dry mortar stations, and commercial concrete mixing stations. We can design a combination of sand making towers and dry mortar stations, sand making towers and mixing stations, or sand making towers, dry mortar stations, and mixing stations according to the actual needs of customers.


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