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Exciting news! Changli Group's Talus Sand Maker is about to hit the market! It breaks through barriers by achieving a staggering production capacity of 220 tons of finished sand per hour.
Time: 2023-08-04


On July 6, 2023, at the International Sand, Tailings, and Construction Waste Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition in Chengdu, Sichuan, Mr. Wang Zhiliang, Chairman of Henan Changli Group, announced the great news that the Talus 1553 Sand Maker, developed and led by Changli Group, will be officially launched and introduced to the market at the end of August. The Talus Sand Maker, developed by Changli Group, has overcome multiple technical challenges in the field of hard rock crushing and sand making. It particularly addresses the technical difficulties of high power consumption, fast wearing of vulnerable parts, low production capacity, poor particle shape, and high sand powder content in traditional sand makers.


Since 2021, Changli Group has established a professional sand making machine research and development base and has led technical teams to Belgium, Germany, and other renowned companies for in-depth technical exchanges and cooperation. After years of technical accumulation, Changli Group has successfully created a new generation of sand maker with independent intellectual property rights. In regard to the groundbreaking global technologies of Changli Group's Talus Sand Maker, the company has applied for dozens of national patents and has already obtained 8 national patents.

1. Collaborating with Masters to Create Classics

The Talus Sand Maker is inspired by the pinnacle work of the famous Belgian industrial designer Talus. It features a dodecagonal appearance design, a hexagonal feeding port, a double discharge port, and a rotor with a diameter of 1.5 meters (the largest rotor diameter among domestic sand making machines). The vulnerable parts adopt ultra-wear-resistant materials, modular design, and screw-free structure, among other new technologies and concepts.


With the addition of Mr. Yu Xiaodong, a senior professional, as the Chief Engineer and Production Director of Changli Group, the manufacturing of products strictly follows the "Changli Group Mining Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Standard Specification" formulated by Chief Engineer Yu Xiaodong. The sand making machines are manufactured to higher quality standards, aiming to satisfy customers' expectations. (Note: Mr. Yu Xiaodong has over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of mining machinery equipment and possesses rich practical experience in the manufacturing of double-cavity rotor vertical shaft impact sand makers.)


The Talus Sand Maker is destined to be a robust and distinctive new type of sand making machine, which will unleash its tremendous vitality through the collaboration of two masters at home and abroad.

2. Data Verification-Ready to Launch

Before the official launch of the Talus 1553 Sand Maker, four prototype machines ordered by strategic cooperative customers have undergone a full-process data acceptance mode at experimental bases in Yunnan, Zhengzhou, Guizhou, and Nanjing. Based on the feedback data from customers' sites, the sand maker has achieved an astonishing performance of producing 220 tons of finished sand per hour in limestone crushing and sand making capacity.


              Image: Talus Sand Maker at a customer's site in Yunna

3. Sand Making Capacity-Beyond Imagination

The Talus Sand Maker has been verified on customer sites as a truly powerful new vertical shaft impact sand making machine. In terms of power, customers can choose according to their actual needs, either equipping it with dual power motors or using a single motor. The dual power motor configuration consists of one 315 kW motor and one 220 kW motor, while the single motor configuration uses a 450 kW motor. Regardless of the power configuration chosen, the Talus Sand Maker demonstrates significant energy-saving advantages over traditional VSI sand makers under equivalent production conditions.

The Talus Sand Maker has a material processing capacity of 490 tons per hour, with a sand formation rate of75%. It can produce 220 tons of finished sand per hour, making it a powerful and energy-efficient vertical shaft impact sand maker.


In addition, our company has designed a fast hydraulic lifting and 360°rotating maintenance platform for the Talus Sand Maker. During machine installation, inspection, and maintenance, this platform allows for quick lifting of any component, such as the machine cover, feeding hopper, rotor, main shaft, circular lining plate, and motor. Compared to traditional sand maker designs, this lifting device is more powerful and user-friendly.

4.Mass Production and Upcoming Launch

Currently, workers in the Talus Equipment production workshop are working in an orderly manner according to the production plan. It is expected that the first batch of 10 new Talus sand makers will be produced by August 25th.


5.Customer Rush to Purchase with Launch Discounts

In order to create a regional model market, Changli Group has made significant strategic deployments and marketing strategies. The group has decided to offer 10 new sand makers at a 40% discount, regardless of cost, to seek global strategic partners and allow the first batch of seed users to enjoy the productivity and wealth brought by technological products.


Two customers have already signed strategic cooperation agreements, and limited slots are available. Bosses with demand are welcome to make early reservations for purchase.